Nadia Manuale
Founder of Nutrenta

perfilnadiaI strongly believe that we are what we eat. Food plays an essential role in our lives and has the power to either make us feel good, by being a source of pleasure, or trigger the appearance of certain diseases. I’ve always found the relationship between food and wellness fascinating. I’m thrilled with the benefits that the proper nutrition can bring to us by creating meals that provide the balance of nutrients and energy that each person needs. That was one of the main reasons that motivated me to study Nutrition in the first place. I got my degree as a Nutritionist (Lic. 5440) from Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud Fundación H.A. Barceló.  Shortly afterwards, I was offered a position as a teaching assistant at University in two subjects “Nutrition at Biologic Cycles” and “Infant Nutrition”. In that role, I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of theoretical and practical contents and play a part in the distance learning tutorial. I also worked in several educational campaigns oriented to both health professionals and the public at large during workshops and conferences, giving nutritional assistance and counselling by describing and explaining nutritional facts in relation to food products. Currently, I’m working in clinical research providing solutions to support the efficient use of clinical systems and applications, the compliance with standard procedures and the overall quality of the project deliverables. Additionally, I’m into journalism. I coordinate and write articles for the vida.cero section of the media company ( about nutrition, healthy intake and wellness, innovative food and cooking, lifestyle and culinary events.

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The Team

Héctor E. Garzón

English Language Consultant

Diego González

Design and Communication Advisor

Lucila Munilla Lacassa

Social Media Consultant

Flavia Galoppe