Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of the service provided by Nutrenta in this website.
Anyone willing to access and or use the website may only do so under the following Terms and Conditions.
Those not accepting the following binding Terms and Conditions shall refrain from using the website and or the services provided in it.

1.- About the Terms and Conditions

Nutrenta reserves the right to change the legal terms and service use conditions from time to time, at its own discretion. Potential users will be informed of the changes through the website, immediately after the changes are made.

2.- The Service

The website provides access to information about the products and services offered by Nutrenta at both national and international level.
The information and tools provided in the website may be modified from time to time without prior notice.
The information provided in the website is for informative purposes only. The aim is that users can obtain information and advice on how to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The website information and content shall not be construed as guidance, judgment of or suggestion to purchase or sell any product or service. Users are advised to consult with the appropriate expert and or health professional to implement the website information, if they deem so convenient.

2.1.- Requirements to access the service

Users shall be over 18 years old.

Nutrenta reserves the right to refuse service for any reason, including certain medical conditions users may have.

2.2.- Payment

Payment for the service shall be made by the person intending to use the service. Nutrenta is not responsible for payments made by third parties in favor of users of the service.

Once users select the service they wish to purchase, they will be redirected to the website of DineroMail or Paypal, depending on the case, to make the payment. After the transaction is completed and once notice of the payment made through DineroMail or Paypal is received, users will get the invoice on their e-mail within 48 hours and they will be contacted to arrange an appointment.


If Nutrenta does not receive payment for the service purchased by users, whatever the reason as long as it is not caused by Nutrenta, payment will be deemed outstanding and Nutrenta may act accordingly, unless users solve the issue within a reasonable time so that Nutrenta receives full payment for the service.

2.3.- Invoice

The invoice for the service purchased shall be made for the full amount and in the name of the person using the service. The invoice will be available 48 hours after the service is purchased.

Discounts, promotions or special offers advertised in the website will be valid for the period of time specified in each case for each of them.

2.4.- Notices and Communications

Users may contact Nutrenta at the following e-mail address: info@nutrenta.co. Messages sent to said address shall be deemed valid.

Notices and communications sent by Nutrenta to the e-mail address indicated as the user’s or sender’s e-mail address shall be deemed fully valid and effective. In addition, notices given through advertisements and messages in the website, as well as those sent during the provision of services aimed at informing users of certain circumstances, shall be deemed effective.

2.5.- Links or hyperlinks in the website

The purpose of the links that connect to third parties’ websites is to improve browsing and to make certain tools, contents and services provided by third parties available to users. Users are responsible for access to and use of websites linked from Nutrenta’s website. Users shall take all precautionary measures necessary depending on the services or contents accessed or products purchased.

2.6.- Advertising

Third parties may advertise in Nutrenta’s website, in spaces selected by Nutrenta for this purpose. If you wish to advertise in the website, you may contact Nutrenta at the e-mail address here in specified and we will send you more information in this regard.

Nutrenta reserves the right to accept the advertisers in the website and is not responsible for advertisements by third parties in their own websites if they are misleading or somehow violate applicable legal regulations in force.

3.- Confidentiality and data protection

Information provided by users related to the use of the website will be kept under the following confidentiality terms.

The confidentiality terms are deemed accepted by users of nutrenta.co. Users who do not agree with said terms shall refrain from using the website.

3.1.- Confidentiality terms application

These terms and conditions are only applicable to this website. They are not applicable to websites linked from Nutrenta’s website. Nutrenta advices users to read the terms applicable to each of those websites.

3.2.- Personal information

Information will be kept safely and will be used only when and in the way desired by users. The terms of use of personal information are as follows:

I.- Nutrenta shall keep all personal information provided by users safely pursuant to adequate protection standards and to Argentine Confidentiality Law No. 24.766 currently in force, which applies when information and products lawfully in the hands of a person are unduly disclosed in violation of honest commercial customs.
II.- Nutrenta shall not disclose any information to external organizations, unless users have previously authorized it and or it is required by law, court resolutions or for reasons related to public safety, national defense or public health.
III.- Users may request Nutrenta to specify what the information provided by them was. In addition, they may request Nutrenta to correct the information and or to be removed from the relevant record.
IV.- Nutrenta shall register on an internal file, users’ IP so that they may be used whenever users contact Nutrenta by e-mail. This is done for safety reasons inherent to the use of this tool. If users do not agree with their IP being registered, they should contact Nutrenta by telephone or in person.

Note: IP (internet protocol) numeric address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to the internet. It is of a technical nature and it is provided by internet providers. The numeric address, which consists of a series of numbers separated by dots, is unique and enables network location and technical communication.


In order to provide customized and more efficient services, the website will, through the use of Cookies and or IP tracking, access unspecified information about users which may be different from the Personal Information, hereinafter, “Unspecified Information.” It consists of information related to users’ browsers, computers, operating systems, internet providers, among others. In order to improve our website’s areas of interest, Nutrenta’s technology will also gather information about the sections visited within the website. Unspecified Information is used to better understand the way users, as a group, use the services and resources provided.

3.3.- Personal Information Protection. Right to access information.

Pursuant to Regulation 10/2008 of the Data Protection National Entity*, Nutrenta informs that:
Users have the right to access their own Personal Information free of charge every six months, unless they prove they have a legitimate interest at stake, pursuant to Sec. 14, Subsec. 3 of Law No. 25,326.
The Personal Information Protection National Entity, oversight body for Law No. 25,326, receives reports and complaints based on violations of personal information protection regulations.

Access and corrections to Personal Information.

Users may update or delete Personal Information whenever they chose to do so during the subscription period. They may do so by sending an e-mail to info@nutrenta.co and we will take the requested measures with regard to Personal Information.

3.4.- Security

Nutrenta is responsible for its customers’ information obtained in the regular course of operations and for any information received through the internet from persons accessing the website or interacting in the website. Only Nutrenta’s employees may access users’ Personal Information for the purpose of providing them with services or products. Nutrenta performs proper procedures to achieve material and electronic security, as well as informatics procedures.

4.- Author’s Rights – Trademarks

Nutrenta holds a license to or author’s rights over the pages, screens, information and all material used to create it, which are included in the website. Therefore, they are covered by intellectual property regulations and author’s rights (Law No. 11,723, Law No. 25,036 as amended and Executive Order 165/94).
Users or visitors of the website may in no way alter or modify any material they print or download from the website, including, without limitation, the deletion of any identification marks or inscriptions in said material. This material may not be distributed to third parties. Any other use of the content is forbidden unless Nutrenta grants prior written consent. Nutrenta’s website may not be used in another website, in whole or in part, and it may not be linked to another website without its prior written consent.
The content may not be copied, distributed, published, transferred, altered, sold or used to create related work. Contents of third party suppliers available in the website may not be misused.
It is expressly forbidden to use the website for illegal, abusive, defamatory, obscene or threatening purposes.

Trademarks, logos or the brand name ‘Nutrenta’ may under no circumstances be used without Nutrenta’s express prior written consent. The foregoing is pursuant to Law No. 22,362 on Trademarks and Designations.

5.- Registration

In case users have to register, they shall provide accurate and complete information and they shall update it, if necessary, so that it remains accurate and complete at all times.

6.- Security of operations

Since websites nowadays are under a constant threat of third parties who continuously attempt to prevent the provision of services or to alter published information, Nutrenta in no way guarantees the accuracy and or truth, in whole or in part, of the information published in the website. For the same reasons, Nutrenta does not guarantee that messages sent to the e-mail addresses published in the website will be received, read or answered.

7.- Jurisdiction and applicable law

Any dispute between Nutrenta and users will be governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic. Any regulation providing for the application of foreign law shall be excluded.

Any dispute or complaint arising from or in connection with the execution or performance of the Terms and Conditions hereof, including without limitation, disputes over the validity, interpretation, enforceability or breach and or any dispute over commercial transactions made by users through the website, shall be heard by the Courts of the First Instance in Commercial Matters in and for the City of Buenos Aires.